Radio Code

Need Your Radio Code?

Did you have a new battery installed in your Acura and need a code to access your radio and other features?

 Depending on the year of your Acura you may be able to fix the problem without getting a code at all! 

- Integra 2023 and up all models

- TLX years 2015 and up all models

- MDX years 2014 and up all models

- RDX 2016-18 above base model 

- RDX 2019 and up all models 

- RLX 2014-20 all models

- ILX 2016-22 above base model 

If your Acura can be found on this list there is an easy solution. Just push the audio power button for 5 seconds and the system should reset for you. 

If you have any other model or year you will have to come to the dealership and have a service writer put the code in your vehicle. This is a security code so we WILL NOT give the code over the phone. You do not need an appointment to come in for a radio code and there is no charge but please understand under no circumstances will we give this code over the phone. 

If you have any questions please feel free to call our service line at (860) 647-7077